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EPSON E0855-2 LCD under linux Using the Lexmark X215 MFP under Linux  
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Using the Lexmark X215 MFP under Linux


2007/10/03: changed tutorial to work with recent driver from Samsung
2007/10/03: changed link to recent Samsung Linux driver

In October 2005 I had to buy new fax equipment for my home office. And - as always - on very short notice.Thus I went to the local consumer electronics retailer. There I found the Lexmark X215 MFP for 200,- € ... brand-new and with 2 years warranty. Well, the market did a reorganisation of their range of products back then.

With this all-in-one equipment I could not only fax, but also print (monochrome laser), scan and - important - make copies.

I did not consider the availability of linux drivers when buying the X215 , but nevertheless I asked myself how one could persuade the "printer part" of the X215 to work with Linux for printing...

... unfortunately there were no hints about linux drivers on the Lexmark webpages and as the printer used its own language (not postscript or pcl) I had a little problem. Then I discovered a similarity to the Samsung SCX-4216F by accident.

Visual similarities exist between the following multi-function printers:
  • Lexmark X215 MFP
  • Samsung SCX-4216F
  • Xerox WorkCentre PE16


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