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EPSON E0855-2 LCD under linux Using the Lexmark X215 MFP under Linux  
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Linux, Computer & IT

Here is a bunch of pages and information concerning linux, computers and information technology. There's not much structure in it yet, but maybe it's useful for someone ... ;-)

Linux related ....

Epson E0855-2 LCD display under linux
How to use the Epson E0855-2 LCD display (sold by Pollin Electronic in Germany, including adapter kit for lpt/parallel interface) under linux with serdisplib.
Using Lexmark's X215 MFP under linux
How to use the printer part of Lexmark's X215 MFP with drivers for Samsung's MFP SCX-4x16. This should work also for the Xerox WorkCentre PE16, because alle three products (Samsung SCX-4216F, Lexmark X215 und Xerox WC PE16) seem to be based on the same basic design - except the usual differences...

Hardware related ....

"TECH MODE" of Lexmark's X215 / Samsung's SCX-4216F
How to configure some settings of Lexmark's X215 MFP / Samsung's SCX-4216F, e.g. clearing/resetting memory and page counters or clearing/resetting the toner catridge counter (with new toner cartridge not being recognized or to use "rest toner" within a used cartridge).