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EPSON E0855-2 LCD under linux Using the Lexmark X215 MFP under Linux  
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Lexmark's X215 MFP multi-function printer under linux

Other printers from Samsung (or with QPDL / SPL as printer language)

There are a lot of Samsung printers (an similar models from others), that use QPDL or SPL as printet language. Most of them will work (at least for the printing part) with Samsung's linux driver.

But there are also some open source projects, that attempt to support these drivers / printer languages:
http://splix.ap2c.org/ - SpliX, SPL (SPL2, SPLc) driver for Unix
for Dell 1100, Samsung CLP-500, Samsung CLP-510, Samsung ML-1510, Samsung ML-1520, Samsung ML-1610, Samsung ML-1710, Samsung ML-1740, Samsung ML-1750, Samsung ML-2010, Samsung ML-2250, Samsung ML-2510, Xerox Phaser 3117, Xerox Phaser 6100 and others
http://foo2qpdl.rkkda.com/ - foo2qpdl driver
for Samsung CLP-300, Samsung CLP-600, Samsung CLX-2160, Samsung CLX-3160, Xerox Phaser 6110, Xerox Phaser 6110MFP and others